The corporate chequing account is a bank account that allows a business to write cheques and perform other kinds of transactions normally associated with a chequing account such as online banking and in-branch banking.

Application Requirements

  • Letter of Introduction stating interest in the opening account, the nature of the business, type of account required, persons signing on the account and signing instructions. [To be provided /signed by the Secretary.]
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Articles of Incorporation; or If a company incorporated prior to May 25, 1995:
    1. Memorandum and Articles of Association.
    2. Certificate of Continuance.
    3.  Articles of Continuance.
    4. Certificate of Restoration.
  • Notice of Directors and Consent to Act as Directors.
  • Most recent Notice of Change of Directors if the change occurred subsequent to incorporation.
  • Notice of Secretary and Consent to Act as Secretary.
  • Most recent Notice of Change of Secretary if the change occurred subsequent to incorporation.
  • Notice of Address (registered office and principal place of business).
  • Proof of address for the company (recent utility bill electricity/telephone/internet/water/postmarked mail) dated within a three (3) month period of presenting the document.
  • Declaration of Compliance.
  • By Laws (Interpretation)
  • Company Resolution
  • Most recent Annual Returns of the company if the company established in excess of one year (notarized by the Deeds Registry if a company incorporated outside of Guyana).
  • Corporate Stamp or Seal (to be used on the Corporate Resolution form).
  • List of shareholders and percentage of shareholding and value of each share held by each [signed by the secretary with company stamp affixed]
  • TIN Certificate for company.
  • Financials for existing company/Projected Income statement for the newly established company.
  • All permits/approvals (e.g. mining/forestry/gaming) must be provided.
  • For all Directors, Signatories & Secretary:
    1. Proof of Identification – (Valid National Identification Card and/or Valid Passport).
    2. Proof of Address – (recent Utility Bill – electricity/telephone/internet/ water or Post Marked Mail) dated within a three (3) months period of presenting the document.
    3. TIN Certificate/Certification from Guyana Revenue Authority
    4. Social Security number for all LPR and Citizens of USA Directors, Signatory.
    5. Green Card number for legal permanent residents of USA.
    6. For a Chequing Account, two (2) Local Character References for each Signatory addressed to CBGI. See Sources of References