We are owned, managed and staffed by Guyanese. After being incorporated in 1993, we were fully owned locally in 1998.


Total assets of US$ 241.8 million in 2018
Citizens Bank with its headquarters located at 231-233 Camp Street and South Road, Georgetown, had assets of $US 241.8 million at September 30, 2018. Our one hundred and fifty-one (151) employees serve a customer base of more than fifty-two thousand, seven hundred (52,700). We provide retail and commercial banking services through our branch network of six (6) branches.
They are 24-hour services through ATM’s which are located at each of our six branches as well as at five (5) off-site locations including a recent ATM addition at Amelia’s Ward in Linden. As we continue to growth and expand, we seek more avenues to improve services to the wider population.


Inauguration of the New Corporate Headquarters and Main Branch.
In January 2017, the Bank commenced occupancy of its modern state-of-the-art building which houses our main branch and corporate offices at lot 231-233 Camp Street and South Road.


Total assets of US$ 243.1 million in 2016
The Bank had total assets of US$243.1 million as of September 30, 2016. It is staffed by one hundred and forty-seven (147) employees and has four (4) ATMs, located at convenient points around the capital, Georgetown and at each of the seven (7) branches located at Camp Street and Thirst Park, Georgetown, Parka, Bartica, Charity and New Amsterdam.


Fully owned locally in 1998
Existing Guyanese shareholders acquired the remaining 70% shareholding in Citizens Bank Guyana Inc held by Citizens Bank Jamaica Limited. Banks DIH Limited, a company incorporated in Guyana, acquired sufficient additional shares to enable it to own 51% of the share capital of the Bank.
Other major shareholders of the Bank are the Continental Agencies Limited 16.7% and the Hand-in-Hand Insurance Group with 16.5%. 69 shareholders including 5 employees hold the remaining 13.01%.


Introduction of Local Shareholding 1996
Citizens Bank Jamaica Limited reduced its ownership of Citizens Bank Guyana Inc to 70%.


Commencement of Operation 1994
Commenced business as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Citizens Bank Jamaica Limited.


Incorporated 1993
Citizens Bank Guyana Inc was incorporated

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