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Be sure to read, understand and accept all terms and conditions governing this service as posted to our website.

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1. How can I sign up for CitizensOnline?

You can download the CitizensOnline Consumer application form here or the CitizensOnline Corporate application form here or visit any of our branches for a copy of the application form which must be properly completed and authorised (signed).

The completed form must be submitted to any of our branches along with your identification card or valid passport or valid driver’s license.

A user ID and password will be assigned to you when your profile is created. You will be able to access your account(s) online within two (2) business days.

Be sure to read, understand and accept all terms and conditions governing this service as posted on our website. A copy of the terms and conditions can also be uplifted from any of our branches.

2. Who can access my accounts on CitizensOnline?

You are the only person who can access your account information online as you are required to enter your username, password and an authentication code sent to your registered mobile number.

3.Do I pay a fee to use CitizensOnline?

There are no fees associated with the use of CitizensOnline. However, the standard charges associated with your account, transactions or services requested through CitizensOnline will be applicable.

4.Can I transfer funds from my Citizens Bank account to another Bank’s account via CitizensOnline?

You can perform this task using our standing order option online. Please contact your branch for additional information.

5.Can I save or export my statement information to my personal computer?

Yes, you can save and also export your statement information to Comma Separated Values (CSV) format which can then be imported into Microsoft Excel.

6.Can I use CitizensOnline out of Guyana?

CitizensOnline can be used anywhere with access to your two-factor authentication (2FA) mobile number and the internet. If you wish to change your 2FA mobile number, you must visit your branch with valid identification.

7.How do I cancel a standing order?

You can send us a secured mail or you can visit your branch to cancel a standing order up to five (5) days prior to the next schedule payment.

8.Can I see my old statement online if I close one (1) of my accounts?

No, if your account is closed you will be unable to view any information relating to that account. You must visit your branch to acquire a copy of the statement for the closed account

9.Are there any limits to the number and value of transactions that I can perform?

There are no limits to the number and/or value of transactions you can perform on CitizensOnline.

10.What type of transactions can be executed using CitizensOnline?

The following tasks can be viewed and/or executed:

  • Savings and Chequing Account history
  • Savings and Chequing Account Inquiry
  • Loans and CDs Inquiry
  • Account balances
  • Account Statements
  • Intra-Transfers between your Citizens Bank account(s)
  • Utility bill payments from your Citizens Bank account(s)
  • Automated Bank Alerts e.g. you will be notified before a scheduled payment is applied
  • Stop Payment request on cheques
  • Person to Person Transfers- You can transfer funds to another Citizens Bank customer that has CitizensOnline access
  • Initiate a wire transfer
  • Initiate a standing order
  • Immediate deactivation of your ATM/Visa Debit Card

11.Can I view transaction history for all my account through CitizensOnline?

Yes, you can view transaction history for your account(s) through CitizensOnline. At least one year’s history will be accessible.

12.Can I order cheques using CitizensOnline?

Yes, you can place a cheque order using CitizensOnline. However, if you require additional information please contact us for further details.

13.How do I know if a stop payment request on my account has been processed?

If you wish to have your stop payment request processed immediately you must make contact with your branch during their normal business hours after you send your request. Stop payment request sent to the bank before 14:00 hrs. on a given day will be processed by 8:00am on the following business day. Please note that any request sent after 14:00 hrs. will be processed by 12:00 hrs. on the following business day.

14.What payments can I make via CitizensOnline?

You can pay the following bills:

  • Guyana Power & Light (GPL)
  • Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Co. (GTT)
  • U-Mobile (Digicel)
  • Guyana Water Inc. (GWI)
  • Courts Guyana
  • E-Networks
  • Hand-In-Hand Group of Companies
  • Demerara Mutual

15.How long will it take for my bill payment to be processed?

Bill payments are transmitted to the merchants at 4:00pm each business day. Any payment created and/or submitted after 4:00pm will be transmitted on the following business day. The funds will be debited from your account at the time you submit your request for processing. It is advised that you make your payment at least three (3) working days before the actual payment due date to ensure timely credit by the utility/service company.

16.What should I do if I make an incorrect bill payment online?

You should enquire directly with the merchant regarding any incorrect payment.

17.How long will it take to process a wire transfer?

Wire transfers will only be processed during business hours (8:00 am -14:00 pm). Any transaction request received outside of the business hours will be processed on the following business day. Please note you may be asked to submit supporting documentation prior to the processing of the wire transfer.

18.What information do I need to send an international Wire Transfer?

Depending on the purpose and value of the transaction the requirements may vary and as such you are required to make contact with your branch for additional information.

19.What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security measure where CitizensOnline sends an SMS or text message with a unique code to your registered mobile device every time you attempt to log onto the CitizensOnline application. This code is used for verifying and validating your identity. 2FA provides you with an added layer of security and reduces the likelihood of unauthorized access to your information.

20.How does Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) work?

To acquire this extra layer of security you must submit your mobile number when applying for your CitizensOnline access. After activation, each time you log onto your CitizensOnline profile an SMS with a unique ten (10) digit code will be sent to your registered mobile device. This code must be entered into the authentication screen before you can access your CitizensOnline profile.

21.What if I do not own a mobile phone?

It is mandatory that you submit a mobile number to us for two-factor authentication (2FA). We will not provide you with a CitizensOnline profile if you fail to submit a mobile number since two- factor authentication is necessary for the use of CitizensOnline.

22.What happens if someone gets hold of my phone?

You should inform the bank immediately if your registered mobile phone is stolen or lost since you will be unable to access CitizensOnline. The bank will disable your CitizensOnline profile temporarily until you visit the branch to change your phone number. You must provide valid identification for verification if you are changing your phone number.

23.If I exceed my password tries, what should I do?

You must visit your branch to re-set your password. Please provide valid identification when making the request to re-set your password.

24.What should I do if I forget my username or password?

You must visit your branch with valid identification to retrieve your username. In cases where you forget your password, you can click on “Forget your Password?” here to reset the password using your security questions. Or visit your branch with valid identification.

25.What are the CitizensOnline password criteria?

Your password:
–       Should contain four (4) to sixteen (16) characters
–       Must not have spaces or special characters (example @#$/?)
–       Must not be the same as any of your previous ten (10) Passwords

26.Will my online banking session time out if I do not use my computer or phone for a while?

Yes. If you are logged onto CitizensOnline and do not use the site for more than two (2) minutes, your session will automatically “expire” as a security measure. This prevents others from viewing your account information if you leave your computer or phone and step away. To continue using CitizensOnline, just re-enter your user ID and password.

27.Will my CitizensOnline information be kept confidential?

At Citizens Bank, we are committed to ensuring that our customers’ rights to privacy and confidentiality of information are maintained at all times. Citizens Bank will not disclose any customer information unless specifically authorized in writing by you to do so, or where disclosure is required or permitted by law.

You are responsible for ensuring that you exit or log off the CitizensOnline application when not in use.

28.What should I do if I receive an e-mail or phone call asking me to confirm my personal Information?

Please note that Citizens Bank will never send an e-mail, text message or any other form of communication requesting your password, personal identification number (PIN), financial and/or any other confidential information. You must inform the bank if you receive any communication purporting to be from Citizens Bank that requests personal or financial information or provides a link to CitizensOnline.

Do not respond to unsolicited e-mails or links that request personal information or give any information over the phone.

29.How do I change my address or phone number online?

You cannot change this online. You must visit your branch to make such change. Please provide a valid identification when making such request at the bank, in addition, an updated proof of address must be provided if you wish to change your address.

30.Who can I contact if I have a query or additional question?

Please contact our customer service representatives on 592 226 1705 or you can e-mail us if you need general assistance or information.

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