The Citizens Bank Guyana Incorporated Visa Credit Card can be used worldwide wherever the Visa brand is accepted. The Citizens Bank Visa Credit Card allows you to travel without cash.

Your Citizens Bank Visa Credit Card gives you access to cash advances from financial institutions and thousands of ATMs worldwide.

These US Dollar cards offer you:

  • Lowest interest rate of 18% p.a.
  • Low annual fees
  • Low late fees
  • The Security, Reliability, Flexibility and Payment Convenience of having a Visa card allows you to make purchases from the comfort of your home or office
  • Receive your card in 7 business days (provided that all the satisfactory requirements are met)
  • Emergency Card Replacement within 24 hours
  • Simple record keeping with prompt delivery of monthly statements showing the source currency of your transactions
  • Cardholder Online Inquiry gives you access to viewing your authorizations, transactions and last three statements
  • 24 Hour Support Service- Fraud Monitoring and Customer Service(7 days weekly)
  • Visa Global Customer Assistance Services- lost or stolen card reporting and emergency replacement of lost or stolen cards
  1. Cash
  2. Property – Transport
  3. Guarantors with suitable collateral
  4. Existing securities from mortgages

1.5% per month or 18% per annum on the Average Daily Balance (subject to change at Citizens Bank’s sole and absolute discretion)

  • Visa Classic Credit Cards — US$300.00 to US$5,000.00
  • Visa Gold Credit Cards — US$5,000.00 to US$50,000.00
  • Visa Business Credit Cards — US$5,000.00 to $50,000.00

Documents Required

  1. National Identification Card/Valid Passport/Valid Driver’s License
  2. Proof of Address (Utility Bills, Recent Bank Statements (within the last 3 months), Post marked envelopes or Valid Driver’s License)
  3. Employment letter stating current position, date of employment and salary and other cash benefits
  4. If Self-Employed, last three Bank Statements and Income Statements
  5. If Retired provide evidence of pension/income
  6. Character reference

Documents Required

  1. Completed Application Form.
  2. Completed Official Nomination Form.
  3. Copy of ID for each partner or owner of the business.
  4. Copy of ID for each Nominated Cardholder.
  5. Proof of Address for each partner or owner of the business.
  6. Proof of Address for each Nominated Cardholder.
  7. Tin Certificate for each partner or owner of business.
  8. Tin Certificate for each Nominated Cardholder.
  9. Tin Certificate for the business.
  10. Certificate of Business Registration.
  11. Source of income document i.e. Balance Sheet, Affidavit of Income Statement.
  12. Character reference for each partner or owner of the business.
  13. Character reference for each Nominated Cardholder.

Documents Required

  1. Completion of application form provided by Citizens Bank Guyana Inc. supported by the relevant company documents.
  2. Copy of Identification Card of each director.
  3. Financial Statements supported by copies of Annual Returns (previous 2 years)
  4. Proof of address
  5. TIN certificate
  6. Two character references (applicable only to new account holders)

If you encounter a problem using your card outside of the USA, please call our Card Centre (24hrs) at Citizens Bank, Camp Street on telephone number 592-223-5208.

If you are in the USA, call 1-866-303-3118 for emergency customer service. We can assist you 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

For 24-hour Visa International support, call 1-800-847-2911 (within USA/Canada) or 1-303-967-1096 (Outside USA/Canada).

Contact us immediately at the Citizens Bank Card Centre or call the Visa Card Centre if your PIN has been compromised or your Visa Credit Card has been lost or stolen.

Remember to notify us when and where you will be travelling.