Deposit Insurance

Have peace of mind knowing that your savings with Citizens Bank Guyana Inc. are insured by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (DIC).
The Deposit Insurance Corporation (DIC) is an independent entity that is tasked with carrying out the provisions of the Deposit Insurance Act 2018.
The DIC is responsible for managing the deposit insurance fund and reimbursing depositors in the event of the liquidation of a bank or deposit-taking financial institution operating in Guyana.
DIC insurance covers demand deposit or chequing accounts, savings deposits, and time deposits or certificates of deposit up to $2,000,000 inclusive of any interest received on the deposit. DIC insurance does not cover the following deposits and will not be reimbursed:

  • The deposits (the portion of) above the insured limit;
  • Depositors (individuals or businesses) are automatically covered when they open a deposit account at Citizens Bank Guyana Inc.
  • Deposits of financial institutions, including insurance companies and pension funds;
  • Deposits of central and local government authorities;
  • Deposits of branches of financial institutions that operate outside Guyana;
  • Deposits of members of the Supervisory Board or the Executive Board of a Financial Institution under resolution or liquidation, or their relatives, or third parties acting on their behalf;
  • Deposits of shareholders, their relatives, or third parties acting on their behalf, owning at least 5 percent of the capital of a financial institution under liquidation or resolution; and
  • Deposits of persons under criminal investigation or who are suspected of being involved in money laundering or terrorist financing.

To learn more about your coverage limits, click here.

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