A Trading As Account is a deposit account used by sole traders and partnership to facilitate daily business transactions.

Application Requirements

  1. Business Registration (Annual renewal of Business Registration is required for submission to the Bank).
  2. New Business– Affidavit of Income and/or Projected Financials.
  3. Old/ Existing Business– (1) year or more financial for previous year and/or Projected Financials (circumstantial)- yearly submission required.
  4. TIN Certificate for Business (In the full and correct name of the Business)
  5. Partnership Agreement (if any) or other Agreement establishing the business, if unincorporated.
  6. For a chequing account, two (2) Local Character References for each signatory addressed to CBGI.
  7. Proof of Identification for each Signatory and/or Proprietor -Valid National Identification Card, Valid Driver’s License and/or Valid Passport (1 Passport size photograph where features are not clearly displayed on Customer’s identification).
  8. Proof of Address for each Signatory and/or Proprietor- Valid Driver’s License or Recent Utility Bill (electricity/telephone/internet/water) or Firearm License or Fire Insurance Policy for Resident or Post Marked Mail in the full name and address of client with content in the envelope with ‘postage stamp’ clearly dated within three (3) month period of presenting document.When the utility bills are not in the customer’s full name, the person whose name the bill is in may complete a letter (referred to as the Proof of Address Letter) confirming that the customer resides at/with them, and this letter is submitted along with that person’s ID and recent utility bill stipulated by the above requirements.[Note: Proof of address is required for person’s home/residential address; however, no proof is required for mailing address which can differ from the home/residential address].
  9. Proof of Occupation/Income for each Signatory and/or Proprietor-
    1.  Job Letter or recent Payslip or Valid Employment/Job Contract or Affidavit of Income (if business is not registered) or Business Registration along with Affidavit of Income and/or Projected Financial Statement (New Business)
    2. Old/ Existing Business (1) year or more- Financial for previous financial year and/or Projected Financials (circumstantial) [yearly submission required] or Pension Book/Letter within three (3) month period of presenting document
  10. TIN Certificate/Valid Driver’s License/Certification from Guyana Revenue Authority for each Signatory and/or Proprietor (where TIN differs from that of the Business TIN).


  1. If Name On Required Documents Differs For The Individual (s): Please Provide Original Support Documents. Example: Marriage Certificate And/Or Divorce Absolute And/Or Deed Poll And/Or Affidavit of Identity.
  2. All Original Documentation Must Be Presented.
  3. Requirements And Interest Rates Are Subject To Changes By Citizens Bank Guyana Inc.