Additional COVID-19 Safety Measures

Effective October 05, 2020, Citizens Bank Guyana Inc. is going back to its normal banking hours:


Monday to Friday from 8.00 hrs. to 14.00 hrs. Our Linden branch is open on Saturdays from 8.00 hrs. to 12.00 noon, while our Parika branch is closed on Wednesdays and is open on Sundays from 8.00 hrs. to 12.00 noon.


The following operational and safety measures will continue to be enforced to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and other stakeholders:

  • Loan applications and the opening of deposit accounts will be facilitated through appointments only,
  • Customers signing up for Online Banking, ATM Card and Night Depository Facility will be facilitated,
  • Cheque deposits may be placed in boxes situated on inside of door and business customers are encouraged to utilise our Night Depository Service,
  • Wire Transfers will only be accommodated by submission of a written request by the customer, or by email or through Online Banking,
  • Mandatory requirements for conducting business at the bank: (I) All customers must be wearing a mask. If no mask, no entry; and (II) have their temperature taken. If temperature reading exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius, entry will be denied, 
  • We continue to adopt ‘social (physical) distancing’ and as a consequent, limits have been placed on the number of customers that will be allowed to enter any of our branches to conduct business at any given time,
  • We continue to require hand sanitising at the entrance to our branches, and have made hand sanitiser available through dispensers and other means in our customer service areas and at our employee work stations,
  • We continue to frequently clean and sanitise across all our locations, including all our customer service and customer contact areas, our employee workstations and other areas, as well as our ATMs,
  • We have placed educational material for staff and customers at all our Branches, as well as signages and markers to encourage continuous adherence to social (physical) distancing in all areas of the Bank, and
  • Pensioners, the elderly and identified essential workers will continue to be given priority and will be served by a dedicated teller.

We encourage customers to continue to utilise our 24 Hr ATM service to make deposits (Branch ATMs), withdrawals (All ATMs), check account balances and transfer funds between your accounts.

Additionally, our Online Banking Service can facilitate the checking of account balances, transfers between accounts, payment of bills, viewing/printing of processed cheques, initiation of EFTs and wire transfers and much more.

Branch Contact Numbers

Camp Street

226 1705 or 226 1706 Ext:1222(Loans), 1012/1017 (Deposit Accounts)

Thirst Park

226 2100 Ext: 4001 (Loans) , 4010/4030 (Deposit Accounts)


260 4005 Ext: 2011/2012 (Loans and Deposit Accounts)


455 3012, 455 3013, 455 3014 or 455 3015 (Loans and Deposit Accounts)


333 4475 (Loans and Deposit Accounts)


444 2362 Ext: 5013/5031(Loans) 5012/5032 (Deposit

Thank you for your continued support as we seek to keep you safe during this time.