With our home equity loans you can utilize the equity you have invested in your home to meet your financial needs

Home Equity Loan

Here are some ways to use the Home Equity Loans:

  1. Consolidate your Debt
  2. Buy a Car
  3. Finance your Child’s Education
  4. Improve your Home

All loans are to be adequately secured by a registered mortgage over the principal residence of the Borrower

Competitive rates are offered

Flexible repayment terms offered. You can repay your loan in full before the due date and there are no penalties. You only pay interest accrued to the day you are making the payment. So paying off early saves you money.

  1. Valid National Identification Card or Passport
  2. Proof of address – Recent utility bill (6 months) or post marked letter
  3. Employment letter stating current position, date of employment and salary and other cash benefits
  4. If self employed, statement of income or expenses or affidavit of income
  5. TIN Certificate
  6. Quotations
  7. Collateral documentation e.g. transport/title /lease and Certificate of Valuation for property if being used as security for loan
  8. Evidence of borrower contribution
  9. Statement from other financial institutions, including Hire Purchase Agreements (If applicable) of loan accounts showing balances and monthly installments payable