With a Citizens Bank Consumer Loan, borrowers may finance home repairs, purchase household items, pay for education, vacations and medical expenses. Special conditions apply for unsecured loans.

Consumer Loans Citizens Bank Guyana

Competitive rates on a reducing balance

Borrowers are expected to contribute to the total amount required for the purpose of the loan

A maximum of five (5) years

  • A mortgage on property
  • Cash in Bank Account
  • Cash guarantee
  • Shares certificate
  • Vehicle Registration

Assignment of Salary or other income

  1. Valid National Identification Card or Passport
  2. Proof of address – Recent utility bill (6 months) or post marked letter
  3. Employment letter stating current position, date of employment and salary and other cash benefits
  4. If self employed, statement of income or expenses or affidavit of income
  5. TIN Certificate
  6. ‘Quotations’ from Institution of Learning if applying for an education loan
  7. Collateral documentation e.g. transport/title /lease and Certificate of Valuation for property if being used as security for loan, vehicle registration certificate and share certificates
  8. Evidence of borrower contribution
  9. Statement from other financial institutions, including Hire Purchase Agreements (If applicable) or loan accounts showing balances and monthly installments payable